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Favorable or Unfavorable #138: Lewis Cass


Favorable or Unfavorable #138: Lewis Cass  

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Lewis Cass of MI was a major US figure for like 50 years almost. He was a slaveholder in MI, while serving as Terr Gov there, which is odd because he was born in NH and began his career in OH. While Douglas is most famous for Popular Sovereignty, it was Cass who made the big announcement that inspired him. Cass backed out of the doctrine when Pierce was in office because he foresaw Bleeding Kansas. 

His actions:

Cass, Lewis 1813 Promoted to Brig Gen during War of 1812; fights at Battle of the Thames
Cass, Lewis 1813 Appt Gov of MI Terr, staying on for almost 20 years (until 1831)
Cass, Lewis 1830 Publishes racist pamphlet on Native Americans as uncivilizable inferiors to justify their removal
Cass, Lewis 1831 Confirmed Sec of War for Jackson
Cass, Lewis 1831 Central figure in implementing Indian Removal policy
Cass, Lewis 1833 Opposes Jackson's plan to remove bank deposits
Cass, Lewis 1836 Moved from Sec of War to Amb of France by Jackson
Cass, Lewis 1841 Kept on by Harrison and, for a year, by Tyler as Amb of France
Cass, Lewis 1844 candidate for Dem pres nom, coming close to nomination
Cass, Lewis 1847 Declares his popular sovereignty doctrine, which influences Douglas and other Dems
Cass, Lewis 1847 Urges annexing more of Mexico than ends up in treaty
Cass, Lewis 1848 Democratic nominee for Pres, but loses as Van Buren splits w/ 3rd party
Cass, Lewis 1852 complains about railroad bill
Cass, Lewis 1852 seeks Dem pres nom again
Cass, Lewis 1854 Advises Pierce that repeal of Missouri Comp w/ KS-NE could be dangerous
Cass, Lewis 1856 seeks Demo pres nom once again
Cass, Lewis 1857 Confirmed as Sec of State, but is so old that he delegates to Buchanan and Asst Sec St
Cass, Lewis 1860 Resigns in protest to Buchanan not protecting Federal interests against the South
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