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Favorable or Unfavorable #139: John Catron


Favorable or Unfavorable #139: John Catron  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #139: John Catron

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Justice John Catron was originally from PA, but he moved to TN where he became a slaveholder, fathering at least one child from an enslaved woman. He tended to be a strong states right justice, but preserving the Union was what was most important for him. 

His actions:

Catron, John 1837 Nominated to SC by Jackson for new SC seat, but confirmed under Van Buren
Catron, John 1857 Sides w/ majority in infamous Dred Scott case
Catron, John 1860 Urges TN to stay with the Union; moves permanently to KY soon after
Catron, John 1861 Despite slaveholder and defender of States Rights, stays with the Union; keeps his seat
Catron, John 1865 Dies in office
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So again, another fun fact, I think I came across this while researching pols in our 1840 game:  During the outbreak of the civil war, this guy was going to go "ride circuit" as they used to do as if nothing was happening.  His circuit was in the South.  Some guy warned him basically "bruh, the Confederates are looking to capture you, because you know, you're a sitting supreme court justice just wandering around Tennessee", so he more or less *fled* to Kentucky, he didn't willing move there, because he was wandering around an active warzone as if nothing was happening because he was a dumbass.

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