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Favorable or Unfavorable #141: Emanuel Celler


Favorable or Unfavorable #141: Emanuel Celler  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #141: Emanuel Celler

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Emanuel Celler of NY was one of the few Jewish politicians at his time. That he is not more famous is beyond me. I don't think any member of the US House has ever been as productive in introducing historic legislation. He basically proposed or introduced the highlights of the 1960s, and his 1950 and 1940s service shouldn't be overlooked either. It took him about 20 years ot heat up as he's mostly background until mid-1940s. He was narrowly defeated in the Dem primary (by a woman) for reelection for opposing the Equal Rights Amendment, which is the only area in which he was on the wrong side of history. He opposed feminism. Had he survived reelection, it would have been him, not Rodino, who would have been the main member of the US House handling Watergate. That would have been another historic notch in his belt. 

His actions:

Celler, Emanuel 1924 Gives strong speech speech against Immigration Act's strict quota system
Celler, Emanuel 1939 Urges full diplomatic relation with Vatican to FDR admin (realized in 1984)
Celler, Emanuel 1943 presses FDR to admit refugees, calling current immigration system "cold and cruel"
Celler, Emanuel 1946 Luce-Celler Act, allowing naturalization for Filipinos and Indians from Asia
Celler, Emanuel 1949 Influential House Judiciary Committee Chair. 22 years, w/ a brief break. During McCarthyism, peak Cold War, Great Society, Vietnam, Race riots, Watergate, etc.
Celler, Emanuel 1950 Celler-Kefauver Act strengthening antitrust policy
Celler, Emanuel 1952 Attempts to pass liberal immigration bill
Celler, Emanuel 1952 Target of McCarthy; condemns McCarthyism
Celler, Emanuel 1962 hearings on SC school prayer decision
Celler, Emanuel 1963 Introduced Civil Rights Act of 1964
Celler, Emanuel 1965 Introduced Immigration Act of 1965
Celler, Emanuel 1967 Proposes, with Bayh, what will become the 25th Amendment (ratified 1967)
Celler, Emanuel 1968 Introduces Civil Rights Act of 1968
Celler, Emanuel 1968 Big role in Gun Control Act
Celler, Emanuel 1968 Introduced Omnibus Crime Bill
Celler, Emanuel 1972 processes Equal Rights Amendment, although opposes it, strangely (costing him reelection against Elizabeth Holtzman
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