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Favorable or Unfavorable #142: John Chafee


Favorable or Unfavorable #142: John Chafee  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #142: John Chafee

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John Chafee of RI is sometimes considered one of the last Rockefeller Republicans. He was certainly pro-Environment and pro-Civil Rights, but it appears he always supported the GOP candidate. 

His actions:

Chafee, John 1969 Appt Sec of Navy by Nixon
Chafee, John 1982 Authored Coastal Barrier Resources Act
Chafee, John 1985 Senate Republican Conference Chairman
Chafee, John 1986 Major role in Clean Air Act
Chafee, John 1987 Voted w/ Dems to override Reagan Veto of CR Act of 1987
Chafee, John 1987 Breaks w/ GOP to vote against nomination of Bork to SC
Chafee, John 1990 Helped write the Oil Pollution Act of 1990
Chafee, John 1998 Votes against convicting Clinton
Chafee, John 1999 Broke w/ GOP to vote against convicting Clinton in Impeachment trial
Chafee, John 1999 One of 4 GOPers to vote for CTBT Treaty (he dies suddenly soon after)

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