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Favorable or Unfavorable #143: Lincoln Chafee


Favorable or Unfavorable #143: Lincoln Chafee  

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Lincoln Chafee of RI has a lot of actions, but they're almost entirely party switching or voting against the GOP while as a member of the GOP. While not an action, he did vote for Bush in 2000, so his routine deviation begins in 2002. He framed himself to be more fiscally conservative than most people in the GOP, but he seemed to be a Democrat in almost all other ways. His reason for leaving the GOP is because he said the party wasn't fiscally conservative, but then he strangely backs Obama twice. In 2020, he makes no endorsement, not even a Libertarian, which was his new party. 

His actions:

Chafee, Lincoln 2002 Only GOP Senator to vote against resolution for war in Iraq
Chafee, Lincoln 2003 Votes against Medicare expansion bill
Chafee, Lincoln 2003 One of three GOP Sen to oppose Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act
Chafee, Lincoln 2004 Votes Against Federal Marriage Amendment Act
Chafee, Lincoln 2004 Refuses to vote for GW Bush for pres, instead writing in Bush's father's name
Chafee, Lincoln 2006 Only GOPer in Sen to call for Iraq troop withdraw, along with Dems
Chafee, Lincoln 2006 Lone GOP Sen to vote against Alito Confirmation
Chafee, Lincoln 2006 One of the only GOPers to oppose Military Commissions Act
Chafee, Lincoln 2007 Leaves GOP Party, becoming an Indep
Chafee, Lincoln 2008 Endorses Obama over McCain
Chafee, Lincoln 2013 Joins the Democratic Party
Chafee, Lincoln 2016 Cand for Pres in Dem Primary
Chafee, Lincoln 2019 Switches from Dem to Libertarian Party
Chafee, Lincoln 2020 Runs for pres in Libertarian Primary
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3 hours ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

I didn't see that coming, but he endorsed RFK Jr. 


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