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Favorable or Unfavorable #145: Happy Chandler


Favorable or Unfavorable #145: Happy Chandler  

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Happy Chandler (KY-D) was one of the most ambitious people. He was pretty open about wanting to be president. You'll notice some racist (opposing anti-lynching laws and repeal of poll tax) and anti-racist actions (integrating baseball and enforced desegregation) here. This really sums up Chandler on race. He embraced enough racism to get elected and to earn some political influence via Henry F Byrd (who acted as his mentor), but he ultimately wasn't committeed to racism. George C Wallace was too racist for him to bear being a VP candidate for him, for instance. Sometime after 1971, he publicly regretted slurs he used in the past, stating that it was just the language used then, but he realized it was wrong. Also not an action here is that he was critical of a lot of FDR's New Deal, but I couldn't find specific major legislation that he opposed, only the general statement that he did. 

His actions:

Chandler, Happy 1937 While as Gov of KY, urges support for Child Labor Amendment, which fails ratification
Chandler, Happy 1939? Opposes anti-lynching bills and bills to repeal the poll tax
Chandler, Happy 1943 Strongly disagrees w/ FDR's prioritization of European Theatre over Pacific Theatre
Chandler, Happy 1944 Postures self as VP candidate at Conv but can't get support
Chandler, Happy 1947 Fmr US Sen of KY, who as MLB commish, gains notice w/ MLB integration (Jackie Robinson)
Chandler, Happy 1948 Leads the Dixiecrat Movement in KY, hosting Strom Thurmond, but never making an official endorsement
Chandler, Happy 1954 Unlike many conservative Southern Dem Govs, accepts and enforces desegregation following Brown v Board of Ed
Chandler, Happy 1955 Begins non-consec Gov of KY term after 16 yrs
Chandler, Happy 1956 Dem pres cand
Chandler, Happy 1956 Refuses to endorse Stevenson or Eisenhower
Chandler, Happy 1960 At Dem Conv, tries to arrange agreement w/ himself as pres and JFK as VP
Chandler, Happy 1968 Considered for VP on Wallace 3rd party ticket, but they split over racial issues
Chandler, Happy 1971 Switches to Independent in run for Gov of KY but loses; returns to Dems soon after
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19 hours ago, vcczar said:

The best thing about him is his name.

I agree, being called Happy is superb. Like Happy Corbin in the WWE.

It reminds me also on Chandler Hampton, one of the characters in 7th Heaven. He was played by Jeremy London, who happened to be one of my favourite actors in my youth due to this role. London also portrayed Sandie Pendleton in my all-time favourite movie Gods and Generals.

Honorable mention to Ben Chandler. If it has to be another Democrat to become Governor of KY, I hope it's him. 

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