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Favorable or Unfavorable #146: William E. Chandler


Favorable or Unfavorable #146: William E. Chandler  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #146: William E. Chandler

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WE Chandler of NH is definitely one of the most consequential Sec of the Navy. He was a member of Blaine's Half-Breed faction, and his appointment by Arthur (a Stalwart) was sort of tossing a bone to the rival faction. 

While not an action, WE Chandler's 2nd wife was the fiancee of Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth. 

Regarding his 1876 action, it's still debatable if the 1,500 votes tossed out was an ethical move or not. There were so many shenanigans from both sides--- voting restrictions in FL, supposed double voting, etc. It's hard to no if Chandler was doing things right or not. He did criticize Hayes's weak Southern policy in protecting Blacks right to vote, so he may have had the moral, if unethical, impulse to toss out Dem votes. 

His actions:

Chandler, William E. 1876 Took part in analyzing votes in FL during contested 1876 election, tossing out 1,500 Dem votes
Chandler, William E. 1882 Confirmed Sec of Navy for Arthur; recomm by Blaine
Chandler, William E. 1883 Oversees construction of a Steel Navy, replacing the old wooden ships and ironclads
Chandler, William E. 1892 Calls for 1 year ban on all "degraded immigrants" and "undesirables" from Eastern Europe and Turkey
Chandler, William E. 1898 demands protect Admiral Dewey
Chandler, William E. 1900 One of only two GOP Senators to oppose Gold Standard Act
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