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Favorable or Unfavorable #147: Zachariah Chandler


Favorable or Unfavorable #147: Zachariah Chandler  

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Zachariah Chandler of MI began his political career as Whig mayor of Detroit. He contributed a lot of money to the Underground Railroad to help blacks escape enslavement. Let me explain his 1875 action, Chandler was a stalwart--not a reformist--but he was brought in to clear out the mess of his predecessor. As Michigan's GOP party boss, he certainly was corrupt, no political "boss" is without corruption. Chandler may have been effective because he knew what to look for in clearing out corruption. It's sort of like how a notorious hacker might get arrested and then start working for the government to protect against cyber attacks. His 1867 action kind of goes with 1866. It was almost like he was hoping to ramp up a war with the UK or something, but that might not have been the intent. 

His actions:

Chandler, Zachariah 1854 A founder/organizer of Rep party; strong abolitionist
Chandler, Zachariah 1861 Senate Commerce Committee Chair. Served for 14 years, including through the CW
Chandler, Zachariah 1862 Publicly castigates Gen McClellan in speech for failing to capture Richmond on campaign
Chandler, Zachariah 1864 Major role in Wade-Davis bill
Chandler, Zachariah 1865? Major Radical Republican, arguing that Reconstruction policies are too weak
Chandler, Zachariah 1866 Authors resolution of Non-intercourse w/ UK for stall in Alabama Claims negotiations
Chandler, Zachariah 1867 Authors resolution to recognize Abyssinia (Ethiopia) war against UK
Chandler, Zachariah 1869 Michigan GOP boss
Chandler, Zachariah 1875 Confirmed Sec of Interior for Grant, clearing out corruption, including in Bureau of Indian Affairs
Chandler, Zachariah 1876 Campaign manager for Hayes once he's nominated
Chandler, Zachariah 1879 Serious cand for GOP nom but dies after giving speech
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