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Favorable or Unfavorable #149: Dick Cheney


Favorable or Unfavorable #149: Dick Cheney  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #149: Dick Cheney

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VP Dick Cheney (WY-R) has an insane number of actions for a VP. There are more that could be included, but I don't have exact years for them. I don't think there has ever been a VP that has gotten as much routine exposure from the press as Cheney. Quayle, Gore, and Biden seemed almost invisible. Harris seems to get a lot of press, but I think that's mainly because Biden is so old. 

His actions:

Cheney, Dick 1975 Appt Chief of Staff for Ford
Cheney, Dick 1980 Opposes creation of the Dept of Education
Cheney, Dick 1980 Becomes one of the earliest endorsers of Reagan (over Bush)
Cheney, Dick 1986 1 of only 86 US Reps to support Reagan vetoeing sanctions against South Africa for Apartheid
Cheney, Dick 1986 Votes against resolution demanding South Africa to release Mandela from prison
Cheney, Dick 1989 Confirmed Sec of Defense for Bush
Cheney, Dick 1991 Oversees Gulf War as Sec of Def
Cheney, Dick 1995 CEO of Haliburton oil corporation until made VP, which will lead to alleged conflict of interest w/ later Iraq War
Cheney, Dick 2000 Made VP on Bush ticket, despite having been selected to find a VP for Bush
Cheney, Dick 2001 Arguably the most power VP in US history; huge behind-the-scenes influence on Bush
Cheney, Dick 2001 Influences Bush's cabinet selections (esp. Rumsfeld)
Cheney, Dick 2002 Early advocate for War in Iraq, alleging WMDs and ties to Bin Laden
Cheney, Dick 2002 Enron Scandal fallout sees media and critics alleging conflict of interest w/ Iraq & Bush/Cheney oil ties
Cheney, Dick 2004 Breaks w/ Bush on gay marriage, saying it should be left to the states
Cheney, Dick 2004 VP for Bush reelection ticket
Cheney, Dick 2005 Scooter Libby scandal (his chief of staff and nat sec adv) brings bad press
Cheney, Dick 2007 Survives suicide bombing assassination attempt while in Afghanistan
Cheney, Dick 2009 Ends time as VP w/ 13% approval rating
Cheney, Dick 2009 publicly supports gay marriage
Cheney, Dick 2016 Supports Trump for president while Bush and many former Bush admins do not
Cheney, Dick 2021 Calls Trump a "threat to our Republic" following Jan 6th insurrection
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14 hours ago, ShortKing said:

I did not realize Cheney endorsed Trump in 2016, not necessarily surprising per se, but notable that he and his daughter seemed to follow a similar evolution on the issue of Trump

There's also a political fundraiser in 2019, which some see as an endorsement for 2020.


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