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Favorable or Unfavorable #150: Liz Cheney


Favorable or Unfavorable #150: Liz Cheney  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #150: Liz Cheney

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Liz Cheney of WY has almost all of her actions centralized in 2021. She's basically invisible before that because she's voting with Trump 93% of the time and is typically a follow-the-line GOPer. I don't really expect her to have any further actions unless she's somehow a decisive figure in the 2024 general election or as an interparty critic if Trump wins a non-consecutive 2nd term. 

His actions:

Cheney, Liz 2021 Supports Trump's 2nd impeachment for Jan 6th insurrection
Cheney, Liz 2021 Removed as House Republican Conf Chair by GOP for supporting impeachment of Trump
Cheney, Liz 2021 Named Vice Chair on committee investigating Jan 6th insurrection
Cheney, Liz 2021 Evicted from WY GOP for supporting Trump impeachment
Cheney, Liz 2021 1 of 9 GOPers to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress
Cheney, Liz 2022 Censured by the Republican National Committee w/ Kinzinger for aiding in Jan 6th investigation of the insurrection
Cheney, Liz 2022 Defeated overwhelmingly in GOP primary in bid for reelection
Cheney, Liz 2023 After initial interest, opts out of run for pres, focusing on preventing Trump victory
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