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Favorable or Unfavorable #151: Langdon Cheves


Favorable or Unfavorable #151: Langdon Cheves  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #151: Langdon Cheves

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Langdon Cheves of SC began his career as an obscure Federalist local politician, but he was won over by Jefferson's presidency. He was both an ally and rival of Clay. He was a Southern Unionist in the sense that he thought the entire South had to move as one body, either within the Federal Union or secede from it together. He enslaved 200 people consistently throughout his adult life. It was said he articulated a theory of evolution before Darwin's Origin of Species but Darwin had his theory decades before he published his findings. Cheves never wrote his down and it was record in a US scientist's (LeConte) memoirs or papers. 

His actions:

Cheves, Langdon 1807 As part of a non-partisan committee on US-UK issues, writes anonymous tracts supporting Jefferson and embargo
Cheves, Langdon 1808 Plays role in getting SC behind Madison instead of CC Pinckney of SC in pres elec
Cheves, Langdon 1811 a leading War Hawk
Cheves, Langdon 1812 House Ways and Means Committee Chair during early War of 1812
Cheves, Langdon 1812 Breaks w/ ally Clay over tariff, w/ Cheves strongly opposed to protective tariff
Cheves, Langdon 1813 Stripped of all committees by Speaker Clay for economic differences
Cheves, Langdon 1814 Elected Speaker with Clay out of the country as diplomat; wins with Federalist support
Cheves, Langdon 1814 Declines Madison's offer to be Sec of Treasury
Cheves, Langdon 1815 Casts deciding vote to kill 1st bank bill, and supports Madison's veto of the 2nd bank bill to recharter US Bank
Cheves, Langdon 1819 Appt Pres of the 2nd US Bank, the same bank he had helped kill temporarily in 1815
Cheves, Langdon 1824 Declines pressure to run for pres
Cheves, Langdon 1828 Supports Jackson for pres; considered for Sec of Treasury
Cheves, Langdon 1832 Supports Unionists and opposes Nullifiers during crisis, but calls on South to unite to lobby their rights better
Cheves, Langdon 1837 Opposes efforts to recharter US Bank he once led
Cheves, Langdon 1850 Argues for Southern secession in opposition to Compromise of 1850 (opposes unilateral state secession)
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