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Favorable or Unfavorable #152: Shirley Chisholm


Favorable or Unfavorable #152: Shirley Chisholm  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #152: Shirley Chisholm

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A historic politician. Let me clarify one action. She visited Wallace, historically a segregationist, probably to see if it would create a change of heart for him. Later, Wallace would support a welfare bill that Chisholm was working on, possibly for visiting him. She was defeated for reelection in 1982 as many liberals in her district felt like she was too close to party bosses. 

Her actions:

Chisholm, Shirley 1968 1st black woman elected to Congress
Chisholm, Shirley 1971 A founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus
Chisholm, Shirley 1971 Big role in early draft of Comprehensive Child Development Act vetoed by Nixon
Chisholm, Shirley 1972 1st woman to take part in a pres debate
Chisholm, Shirley 1972 1st woman to run for pres as a Democrat; 1st black candidate of a major party to run for pres
Chisholm, Shirley 1972 Played big roll in creation of WIC
Chisholm, Shirley 1972 Creates controversy by visiting George C Wallace in hospital after his shooting
Chisholm, Shirley 1973 Major advocate for Equal Rights Amendment, stating black women are "double discriminated"
Chisholm, Shirley 1984 Endorses Jesse Jackson for pres (and will again in 1988)
Chisholm, Shirley 1993 Nominated by Clinton for Amb to Jamaica but declines because of health
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