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Favorable or Unfavorable #153: Chris Christie


Favorable or Unfavorable #153: Chris Christie  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #153: Chris Christie

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Chris Christie (NJ-R) is one of the more entertaining debaters and commentators, whatever else you think of him. 

His actions:

Christie, Chris 2012 Strongly considers run for pres, but opts out to endorse Romney instead
Christie, Chris 2012 Gives keynote address at GOP Convention, making him a rising star in the GOP
Christie, Chris 2012 As Gov of NJ, welcomes Obama in NJ after Hurricane Sandy, helping approval ratings of both men, but angering conservatives
Christie, Chris 2013 Ft Lane "bridegate" scandal as Gov of NJ sees his GOP rising star status collapse
Christie, Chris 2016 Rep pres cand, then doing a lot to knock out Trump's primary rivals
Christie, Chris 2016 Declines offers by Trump to be Sec of VA or Sec of HL Sec because wants to be Att Gen
Christie, Chris 2017 Declines offer by Trump to be Sec of Labor
Christie, Chris 2017 Criticized for breaking government shutdown rules at Island Beach, while still Gov of NJ
Christie, Chris 2021 Sharp critic of Trump after Jan 6th insurrection and supports impeachment
Christie, Chris 2024 anti-Trump GOP cand for pres
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30 minutes ago, vcczar said:

I'd be tempted to vote favorable if not for scandals and early Trump support. 

Same, I really want to like him, but he does have enough unfavorable.  Large, rude men do have a certain charisma, which is why I'm glad JB is my governor.  JB vs Christie would be an epic meme Presidential matchup.

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