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Favorable or Unfavorable #154: Frank Church


Favorable or Unfavorable #154: Frank Church  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #154: Frank Church

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Sen. Frank Church (ID-D) is the only elected multi-term Democratic US Sen in the history of Idaho. Some attribute his 1980 defeat to polls demoralizing Democrats. He was projected to lose in a landslide in the polls, but the election was a nailbiter, leading some to think he would have won if the polls had been accurate. 

His actions:

Church, Frank 1957 logrolls civil rights for Hells Canyon dam
Church, Frank 1960 Gives keynote address at Dem Conv
Church, Frank 1964 Major role in Wilderness Act
Church, Frank 1965 comes out against Vietnam war
Church, Frank 1968 Major role in National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
Church, Frank 1968 condemns more Vietnam troops and bombing
Church, Frank 1970 Cooper-Church Amdt opposing. Cambodia action
Church, Frank 1973 Case-Church Amend to curtail involvement in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
Church, Frank 1975 investigation of CIA (Church Committee)
Church, Frank 1976 candidate for Dem pres nom; considered for VP
Church, Frank 1977 helps Carter on Panama Canal treaties
Church, Frank 1979 discloses Soviet brigade in Cuba
Church, Frank 1980 Defeated in Reagan Revolution for reelection in nailbiter; No elected Dem Sen of ID since
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