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Favorable or Unfavorable #155: Champ Clark


Favorable or Unfavorable #155: Champ Clark  

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Speaker Champ Clark (D-MO) was the frontrunner in the 1912 Dem Conv. History would have been much different had he won. While WJ Bryan, Clark, and Wilson were all progressives, they are different layers of that progressivism. Bryan is more populist-progressive; Wilson is more libera-progressive and Clark is kind of a hybrid. Populists-progressives tended to oppose war and imperialism, while liberal-progressives had an internationalist approach. 

His actions:

Clark, Champ 1898 race-based opposition to Philipinnes annexation
Clark, Champ 1909 leads Dems to reform stance
Clark, Champ 1909 House Minority Leader after coming in 2nd in Speaker race
Clark, Champ 1911 Elected Speaker of the US House
Clark, Champ 1911 Defeats Canadian-US reciprocity treaty b/c feels it will lead to annexation of Canada
Clark, Champ 1912 Strong candidate for Dem pres nom; initial frontrunner
Clark, Champ 1913 Opposes Fed Res Act
Clark, Champ 1914 clashes with Wilson on Panama Canal tolls
Clark, Champ 1916 tamps down House panic regarding German move
Clark, Champ 1917 opposes entry into the war and the draft
Clark, Champ 1919 House Minority Leader as GOP retakes the House
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