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Favorable or Unfavorable #156: Bennett C Clark


Favorable or Unfavorable #156: Bennett C Clark  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #156: Bennett C Clark

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Sen. Bennett Champ Clark (MO-D) is the son of Speaker Champ Clark, and much more conservative. His introduction of Truman as VP nom is mostly due to him being the fellow US Sen of MO with him. The final action below might have more to do with Truman taking a rabid isolationist and conservative out of the US Sen. Smart move when considering Truman's policies. 

His actions:

Clark, Bennett Champ 1933 worries NRA will interfere in labor-mgt rels
Clark, Bennett Champ 1937 Helps organize Conservative Coalition to oppose FDR New Deal
Clark, Bennett Champ 1941 Isolationists opposed to most of FDR's foreign affairs policies and war measures
Clark, Bennett Champ 1944 Calls for the hanging of Emperor Hirohito of Japan
Clark, Bennett Champ 1944 Introduces GI Bill to the US Senate
Clark, Bennett Champ 1944 Makes the formal nomination of Harry Truman for VP
Clark, Bennett Champ 1945 Appt as Fed Judge by Truman
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