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Favorable or Unfavorable #158: Tom C. Clark


Favorable or Unfavorable #158: Tom C. Clark  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #158: Tom C. Clark

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Justice Tom C Clark of TX is the moderate father of the more progressive Att Gen Ramsey Clark. However, he'd be considered liberal by TX standards of the time, and possibly today as well, although moderate by national Democratic Party standards. 

For 1967, there's multiple theories on his resignation. Some say Clark voluntarily resigns from the SC to avoid a conflict of interest w/ his son becoming Att Gen. Some say, LBJ approached Clark with an offer to make his son Att Gen if he would resign so he could appoint Thurgood Marshall as the first black SC justice in history. LBJ wanted to be the one to make that first historic appointment. It could have also been both. 

Both Clark and his Att Gen son were born in Dallas, TX, where I was born.

His actions:

Clark, Tom C 1945 Confirmed Att Gen; close friend of Truman
Clark, Tom C 1947 Enforces Truman's anti-communist loyalty order for federal officials and workers
Clark, Tom C 1949 Confirmed to SC amid cries of cronyism b/c of close friendship w/ Truman
Clark, Tom C 1954 Votes in majority in historic Brown v. Board case, ending school segregation
Clark, Tom C 1961 Writes maj opinion in landmark Mapp v Ohio case
Clark, Tom C 1963 Argues that mandated school prayer and Bible readings violates Constitution in Abington School Dist v Schempp
Clark, Tom C 1964 Writes maj opinion for landmark Heart of Atlanta hotel v US
Clark, Tom C 1966 Dissents in landmark Miranda v. Arizona
Clark, Tom C 1967 Resigns from SC to avoid conflict of interest w/ son Ramsey Clark, the new att gen
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