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Favorable or Unfavorable #162: John M Clayton


Favorable or Unfavorable #162: John M Clayton  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #162: John M Clayton

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John M Clayton (DE-W) was one of the more notable Whigs. His career could have been more impressive if the Whigs had been in power more than a few years. Tyler's presidency wasn't really in line with the Whigs, and Harrison didn't do anything but appoint people to offices. Taylor made good use of Clayton, while Fillmore wanted his own cabinet, so got him to resign. Yet, he has his name on one of the major treaties. 

His actions:

Clayton, John M. 1845 Opposes TX Annexation
Clayton, John M. 1848 proposes the Clayton Compromise
Clayton, John M. 1848 Whig candidates for Pres
Clayton, John M. 1849 appointed Sec of State by Taylor
Clayton, John M. 1850 Negotiated Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
Clayton, John M. 1854 Gives noted speech against Pierce's veto of the bill ceding land for an asylum for the indigent insane
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