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Favorable or Unfavorable #168: George Clinton


Favorable or Unfavorable #168: George Clinton  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #168: George Clinton

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George Clinton of NY was basically the Thomas Jefferson of NY. Aside from Jefferson, no JR was probably more electable on a national level as the Federalists had so much initial support. By the mid-1790s, however, Burr and Clinton vied for power for most influence in their state. He never stopped trying to be president. His nephew DeWitt Clinton made a strong bid for pres in 1812. 

His actions:

Clinton, George 1788 Candidate for Pres, the strongest among antifederalists
Clinton, George 1792 JR Candidate for VP
Clinton, George 1795 Concludes his first 18-year stint as Gov of NY
Clinton, George 1801 Returns Jeffersonians to power in NY w/ return as Gov of NY (will finish career w/ 21 yrs as Gov in two non-consec terms)
Clinton, George 1804 Replaces Burr as VP candidate for JRs in pres election
Clinton, George 1805 As VP, Isolated by Jefferson who fears he'll challenge Madison in 1808
Clinton, George 1805 As VP, seen as ineffective presiding in the Senate due to unfamiliarity with US Senate rules
Clinton, George 1808 Incumbent VP stays on to be Madison's VP, after initially challenging Madison for the presidency
Clinton, George 1809 Despite being VP, helped block Madison's nomination of Gallatin as Sec of State
Clinton, George 1811 Cast tie-breaking vote to kill recharter of 1st US Bank
Clinton, George 1812 Dies in office amid speculation of challenging Madison in pres election, leading to his nephew's challenge
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