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Favorable or Unfavorable #169: Hillary Clinton


Favorable or Unfavorable #169: Hillary Clinton  

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Hillary Clinton is probably the most powerful First Lady ever (Wilson's wife may have had more power, but it was for a very short period of time for her).

I'm confident in 100 years or less that the electoral college will be abolished or reformed to where it is impossible to lose the popular vote and lose the election. Those that live during that time will think of her as one of the nominees that should have won since they'll rightly see the electoral college as senseless and archaic, similar to how we might feel today about how most states initially didn't allow a popular vote at all during presidential elections. 

Her actions:

Clinton, Hillary 1988 As 1st Lady of AR, plans run for Gov of AR for 1990, but opts against it after polls look bad.
Clinton, Hillary 1992 Defends her husband amid Bill Clinton's sex scandals during Dem primary
Clinton, Hillary 1993 Placed in charge of task force to creation National Healthcare plan; fails in 1994
Clinton, Hillary 1993 One of a few 1st Ladies to work routinely as an unofficial advisor or take on political roles in a husband's administration
Clinton, Hillary 1995 Gives speech at World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, while as 1st Lady, calling for worldwide women's equality
Clinton, Hillary 1996 Whitewater Controversy
Clinton, Hillary 1997 While as 1st Lady, plays a role in the creation of Children's Health Insurance (CHIP)
Clinton, Hillary 1997 Plays a role in Adoption and Safe Families Act while as 1st Lady
Clinton, Hillary 1998 Marriage w/ Pres Clinton comes under scrutiny b/c Lewinsky Scandal
Clinton, Hillary 1999 Plays a role in Foster Care Independence Act while as 1st Lady
Clinton, Hillary 2001 First former 1st Lady to win elected office; 1st female US Sen for NY
Clinton, Hillary 2002 Vote for use of force in Iraq later hurts her in 2008 primary election
Clinton, Hillary 2005 Voted against confirming John Roberts for ChJ, who had bipartisan support
Clinton, Hillary 2006 Unsuccessful filibuster to block Alito's confirmation to the SC
Clinton, Hillary 2007 Opposes troops surge in Iraq despite earlier support for war
Clinton, Hillary 2008 initial frontrunner Dem pres cand, narrowly losing to Obama in the primary
Clinton, Hillary 2009 Confirmed Sec of State for Obama; her use of a private email server will cause minor scandal in 2016
Clinton, Hillary 2010 States what becomes known as the Hillary Doctrine; women's rights and protection of women should be issues of national security
Clinton, Hillary 2011 Presides as Sec of State during Bin Laden killing
Clinton, Hillary 2011 Gives major speech at the UN saying "Gay rights are human rights."
Clinton, Hillary 2012 Faces criticism for not preventing Benghazi attack during Arab Spring
Clinton, Hillary 2015 Comes out of an all-day Benghazi investigation hearing unscathed and free of culpability
Clinton, Hillary 2016 Dem pres nom; 1st woman pres nominee on a major party ticket; wins popular vote, but loses the election
Clinton, Hillary 2016 Unlike w/ Al Gore, and despite pressure to contest and rumors of Russian interference, quickly concedes the election to Trump, and attends his inauguration
Clinton, Hillary 2020 Aside from endorsing Biden and giving a Dem Conv speech, mostly invisible as she energizes the opposition
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I think she was a terrible candidate for electability, but she was alright otherwise. Strangely, her high point in being active in producing legislation is as First Lady rather than as a US Senate, where she did little. While not a great speechmaker, like her husband, she did give two notable speeches with historic content.

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