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  1. 1. Idaho Republican Primary

    • Butch Otter
    • Russ Fulcher
    • Harley Brown
    • Walt Bayes
  2. 2. Vermont Gubernatorial Election 2014

    • Peter Shumlin (Democratic)
    • Scott Milne (Republican)
    • Dan Feliciano (Libertarian)
    • Emily Peyton (Independent)
    • Peter Diamondstone (Liberty Union)
    • Bernie Peters (Independent)
    • Cris Ericson (Independent)

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1) Butch Otter - Establishment Conservative, incumbent governor

2) Russ Fulcher - State Legislator, Tea Party guy

3) Harley Brown (I mistakenly wrote Harley Braun) - Biker

4) Walt Bayes - Evangelical


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3 hours ago, Patine said:

a member of a dying political protest movement created because a Black man was elected U.S. President, 

The Tea Party was not created because of Barrack Obama. Such an assertion completely misunderstands the origins. The movement was a reaction to government bailouts started under Bush. Fiscal conservatism (managing deficits and avoiding big government policies/bailouts) was the driving force. It continued into the Obama years because he pursued those same policies.

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