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Favorable or Unfavorable #170: Howell Cobb


Favorable or Unfavorable #170: Howell Cobb  

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Howell Cobb of GA went from major Southern Unionist to major Southern Fireeater within 9 years. He, like most powerful Southerners of his time, enslaved people.

His actions:

Cobb, Howell 1849 elected Speaker of the US House
Cobb, Howell 1850 A leading role in getting Comp 50 through House, while as Speaker
Cobb, Howell 1851 Switches from Dem to Const Unionist Party while as Gov of GA, until flipping back in 1853
Cobb, Howell 1857 Confirmed as Sec of Treasury, and is for a few years Buchanan's choice as successor
Cobb, Howell 1860 Comes out strongly in favor of secession
Cobb, Howell 1860 Resigns due to Southern Sympathies
Cobb, Howell 1861 help found CSA as president for the convention of the seceding states, becoming a general soon after
Cobb, Howell 1868 Begins vehemently opposing Reconstruction in speeches, following pardon
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16 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

In 1840 one of our most notable Presidents.

True. I wanted to write that his AMPU presidency made me curious about him earlier. Hopefully when I play AMPU, I'll be able to replicate such presidencies of people almost forgotten by history.

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