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Favorable or Unfavorable #174: Jacob Collamer


Favorable or Unfavorable #174: Jacob Collamer  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #174: Jacob Collamer

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Jacob Collamer of VT was considered an anti-slavery, conservative GOPer.

I must confess a lack of acceptance for the word "conservative" to describe any non-states rights politician at this time. The Whigs and the GOP were pushing for more programs, more investment, more government in the economy, infrastructure, education, Civil Rights, voting, etc. Collamer was part of all this, as was just about every Whig or Republican north of the Mason-Dixon sign. In short, they were progressive in the sense of moving toward the future, and not trying to keep things the same or revert back to the way things were. They could be applying it only to the protective tariffs, because the free market is often called "liberal." But those are such outdated terms. In fact, the term "conservative" was almost never mentioned until 1840 and didn't really become common parlance until the New Deal, although it was used occasionally in the Progressive Era. This was one of the more difficult things when crafting ideologies for AMPU. I had to use ideologies that make sense to use to cover all of US History. 

His actions:

Collamer, Jacob 1844 Gives his Wool and Woolens speech favoring a high tariff, that raises his profile among Whigs
Collamer, Jacob 1849 Confirmed PM Gen for Taylor, resigning when Fillmore becomes president in 1850
Collamer, Jacob 1849 Introduces the permanent system of using postal stamps in US mail, while as PM Gen
Collamer, Jacob 1856 Receives votes for VP at GOP conv
Collamer, Jacob 1860 Rep candidate for pres
Collamer, Jacob 1860 Strongly opposes the Crittenden Amend't aim at diffusing tension in the South
Collamer, Jacob 1861 Authors bill giving Lincoln new war powers and Congressional approval for war
Collamer, Jacob 1862 Leads 10 GOP Sen group trying to persuade Lincoln to replace Seward at state, but fails
Collamer, Jacob 1863 presses Lincoln to be more radical
Collamer, Jacob 1865 Opposes both Lincoln's, and then Johnson's, Reconstruction plans, but he, like Lincoln, dies this year.
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I guess I lean favorable. I'm such a fan of Lincoln that I don't like his opposition to Lincoln's reconstruction plan and his pushing for him to be more radical. 

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