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Favorable or Unfavorable #175: Susan Collins


Favorable or Unfavorable #175: Susan Collins  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #175: Susan Collins

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Sen. Susan Collins (ME-R) is a rare moderate Republican, slightly more conservative than her GOP predecessor Olympia Snowe. As an outlier in her party, she's been cranking out "actions" like crazy in the Trump era. However, even before Trump she has 5 actions. She's more significant than I initially thought she'd be. 

His actions:

Collins, Susan 1998 Votes against convicting Clinton
Collins, Susan 2003 Influential Senate Homeland Security Committee Chair. Serves during much of the War on Terror and Iraq and is the first to hold this committee focusing on Homeland Sec
Collins, Susan 2004 Big role in creating the office of Director of Naitonal Intelligence (Intelligence Reform Act)
Collins, Susan 2010 One of 3 Rep Senators voting for Dodd-Frank
Collins, Susan 2013 Opposes Hagel's confirmation as Sec of Defense, despite Hagel being a GOPer
Collins, Susan 2016 Does not vote for Trump
Collins, Susan 2016 Receives 1 faithless elector vote for VP in 2016 Pres election
Collins, Susan 2017 Votes against repealing Obamacare
Collins, Susan 2017 1 of 2 GOP Sens to vote against confirming DeVos as Sec of Education, forcing Pence to break 50-50 tie
Collins, Susan 2018 Authors two bills as part of the Opioid Crisis Response Act
Collins, Susan 2018 Vital vote for Kavanaugh helps secure nom, when convinced he won't overturn Roe v Wade (she was wrong)
Collins, Susan 2019 Refuses to defend Trump from impeachment inquiry, but will vote against convicting him in 1st impeachment trial in 2020
Collins, Susan 2020 Only GOP Sen to vote against confirming Barrett to the SC
Collins, Susan 2021 A GOP Sen who blames Trump for Jan 6th
Collins, Susan 2021 1 of 7 GOPers to vote to convict Trump in 2nd impeachment
Collins, Susan 2022 1 of 3 GOP Sens to vote in favor of confirming Jackson to the SC
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Her waffling frustrates me, especially when I think she'll vote to my liking and ends up not doing so, but one the whole, she's worth a favorable vote. She's done a lot of good in a terrible time for American politics, if you dismiss a few bad votes. 

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