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Favorable or Unfavorable #178: Roscoe Conkling


Favorable or Unfavorable #178: Roscoe Conkling  

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Roscoe Conkling of NY is another figure that needs a miniseries. He and Blaine were arguably had more name recognition than Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur, even when the latter three were president. Conkling was married to Horatio Seymour's sister. Seymour was the Dem nom for 1868. He must not have thought much of his wife because he had an affair with Chief Justice Salmon P Chase's daughter, who was married to another Senator. Conkling died from pneumonia after stupidly walking in the Great Blizzard of 1888. 

His actions:

Conkling, Roscoe 1860 Supports Seward over Lincoln for GOP nom
Conkling, Roscoe 1861 calls for investig of Ball's Bluff disaster during Civil War
Conkling, Roscoe 1861 Minor controversy for working with CA Arthur (fmr pres) speculating/profiting on wartime cotton
Conkling, Roscoe 1862 Strongly pro-Gold, opposes Legal Tender Act, even as an emergency measure
Conkling, Roscoe 1864 Rejects appeals by H Greeley and others to help replace Lincoln w/ someone more radical; endorses Lincoln
Conkling, Roscoe 1866 He and Blaine butt heads during Blaine-Fry affair, creating 10+ year rivalry between the two
Conkling, Roscoe 1868 Helps draft the 14th Amendment
Conkling, Roscoe 1869 Close advisor to Grant; Supports Grant's plan to annex Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep)
Conkling, Roscoe 1870 GOP party boss in NY after winning power struggle against Reuben Fenton
Conkling, Roscoe 1871 Gets crony CA Arthur installed as Collector of the Port of NY
Conkling, Roscoe 1871 Opposes Sumner's Amendment to limit presidency to one-term
Conkling, Roscoe 1872 Urges Grant to nom Ward to the SC
Conkling, Roscoe 1872 Aids Grant in diminishing influence of Sumner and Radical Republicans
Conkling, Roscoe 1872 Opposes federal relief for the Boston fire of 1872
Conkling, Roscoe 1873 Speech helps lead to Sen. Alexander Caldwell resigning for bribery and corruption
Conkling, Roscoe 1873 Declines offer by Grant to become next ChJ of the SC
Conkling, Roscoe 1874 bribed by Phelps Dodge to clear NY customs
Conkling, Roscoe 1875 Role in the Civil Rights Act of 1875
Conkling, Roscoe 1876 Rep pres cand; Grant's choice for nominee
Conkling, Roscoe 1877 Submits a petition on behalf of women and their allies seeking an amendment for women's suffrage
Conkling, Roscoe 1877 promotes Electoral Commission bill
Conkling, Roscoe 1877 Goes to war w/ Hayes over civil service reform; many of his supporters replaced by Evarts men, Conkling's rivals
Conkling, Roscoe 1877 leader of GOP Stalwarts opposed to reform
Conkling, Roscoe 1880 promotes Grant bid for a 3rd term (non-consec) as president
Conkling, Roscoe 1880 Urgest Stalwarts, including Arthur, not to accept offers to be VP by Garfield (Arthur ignores him)
Conkling, Roscoe 1881 Denied Sec of State nom by Arthur, a former lackey
Conkling, Roscoe 1881 resigns over Garfield patronage denials
Conkling, Roscoe 1881 Attempts to win back the seat he resign from in protest, to show his power, but he isn't elected by NY state legis
Conkling, Roscoe 1882 Nominated by Arthur and confirmed to SC but declined to serve
Conkling, Roscoe 1884 Refuses to help GOP nom Blaine in NY and even works against him because of personal rivalry
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