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Favorable or Unfavorable #180: Tom Connally


Favorable or Unfavorable #180: Tom Connally  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #180: Tom Connally

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Tom Connally of TX is no relation (at least not recent relation) of John Connally of TX. Not captured in the actions, because I don't have a fixed year, is his Jim Crow laws, especially his support for ensuring that black got worse education than whites. Yet another Southern racist (I can say this; I'm from the South). 

His actions:

Connally, Tom 1933 Influential Senate Public Buildings Chair. Serves during Great Depr and New Deal
Connally, Tom 1935 Connally Act to ban hot oil in interstate trade
Connally, Tom 1937 Leads filibuster of Anti-lynching bill
Connally, Tom 1941 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. Served through WWII
Connally, Tom 1943 Connally Resolution to commit U.S. to a U.N.
Connally, Tom 1943 Smith-Connally Act to curb strikes
Connally, Tom 1945 delegate to UN conference In SF
Connally, Tom 1945 leads congressional debate on UN
Connally, Tom 1949 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. Served a few more years (totaling 10 yrds). This time early Cold War
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