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Favorable or Unfavorable #182: John Conyers


Favorable or Unfavorable #182: John Conyers  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #182: John Conyers

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Rep. John Conyers of MI is among one of the most active progressive politicians. In many ways, he's more LW Populist, in line with Sanders more than w/ Warren, I'd say. 

Nixon had him on his hit-list where he was mentioned as the leader of the black anti-Nixon faction. 

His actions:

Conyers, John 1968 backs idea of negative income tax
Conyers, John 1969 favors government-guaranteed income
Conyers, John 1971 co-founder of Congressional Black Caucus
Conyers, John 1971 Placed on Pres. Nixon's enemy list
Conyers, John 1978 angry at Carter regarding Humphrey-Hawkins bill
Conyers, John 1979 Co-sponsors 1st attempt to create MLK Day
Conyers, John 1983 Joins political organization Democratic Socialists of America, while still staying w/ Democrats politically
Conyers, John 1983 Introduces resolution to impeach Reagan over unexpected invasion of Grenada
Conyers, John 1989 Introduces bill for reparations for slavery (will introduce this bill anually)
Conyers, John 2003 Introduces Medicare for All Act (original version)
Conyers, John 2005 One 31 US House members voting not to count OH's votes for Bush b/c of alleged abnormalities in Pres Election
Conyers, John 2005 Files first impeachment resolution to impeach Bush
Conyers, John 2006 Apologizes for ethics controversial for allowing his staff to work on other politician's campaigns
Conyers, John 2017 Resigns amid charges of bribery and sexual misconduct.
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