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Favorable or Unfavorable #183: Calvin Coolidge


Favorable or Unfavorable #183: Calvin Coolidge  

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Calvin Coolidge (MA-R) required something like 12 to 14 hours of sleep. If I included inactions, his list below would be 3x as long. There's a lot he kind of ignored. He would perfectly appoint do-nothing admins to regulatory organization, which is a Ron Swanson tactic. He made some half-hearted calls for anti-lynching legislation, but otherwise did nothing for blacks, although he wasn't racist in the way Woodrow Wilson was. He made more effort than most presidents, if not all of them, in both reducing US military involvement overseas and attempting to assure that there is no future war. Definitely a top 5 pacifist president. The Great Mississippi flood is often called his Hurricane Katrina. Not captured below are his disharmonious relations w/ VP Dawes and w/ Hoover. In both cases, he thought the two were outshining him in the media, although Coolidge shied away from attention rather purposefully. Cleveland and Coolidge are probably the only presidents we've had that overlap considerably with Libertarians. 

His actions:

Coolidge, Calvin 1919 Decisive response to Boston Police Strike raises national profile, while as Gov of MA
Coolidge, Calvin 1920 Pres cand, then VP on Harding's winning ticket
Coolidge, Calvin 1921 1st VP to be regularly invited to cabinet meetings
Coolidge, Calvin 1923 Becomes pres on Harding's death; sworn in by his father; inherits Roaring 20s Economy, continuing it
Coolidge, Calvin 1923 Retains Harding's cabinet
Coolidge, Calvin 1923 His justice department begins investigating and clearly corruption from Harding admin
Coolidge, Calvin 1923 Recognized new Mexican government and sends aid to help stablize the country
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Delivers commencement speech at historically black Howard College, but otherwise make little initiative on issues for blacks
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Authorized the Dawes Plan, creating a more pro-German repaymant plan for WWI Reparations
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Signs Revenue Act of 1924
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Ends US occupation of Dominican Rep, but maintains occupation of Nicaragua and Haiti
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Vetoes 1924 Bonus Bill pension for WWI vets; veto is overridden
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Wins reelection in landslide
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Appts J. Edgar Hoover as 1st director of FBI
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Vetoes McNary-Haugen Farm Relief Bill
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Able to consolidate support to ward off party leadership challenge
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Signs Indian Citizenship Act
Coolidge, Calvin 1924 Signs Immigration Act of 1924, introducing strict quota system
Coolidge, Calvin 1925 Appts his Att Gen, Harlan F Stone, to the SC (later elevated to ChJ by FDR)
Coolidge, Calvin 1925 Signs Judiciary Act of 1925, reducing workload of SC Justices
Coolidge, Calvin 1926 Signs Revenue Act of 1926
Coolidge, Calvin 1926 Voices support for joining World Court, but negotiations w/ Leage of Nations stalls in Senate
Coolidge, Calvin 1927 Signs Radio Act of 1927
Coolidge, Calvin 1927 Publicly declines to seek another term as president
Coolidge, Calvin 1927 Declined to intervent in Great MS Flood despite 6 Govs requesting aid
Coolidge, Calvin 1927 Vetoes Farm Relief Bill again
Coolidge, Calvin 1927 Issues call for Geneva Naval Conference to limit naval expansion
Coolidge, Calvin 1928 Presides as US signs Kellogg-Briand Pact, aimed at outlawing war to solve diplomatic issues
Coolidge, Calvin 1928 Declines urge of Draft Coolidge movement
Coolidge, Calvin 1928 Vetoes Farm Relief Bill again
Coolidge, Calvin 1928 Reluctantly supports Hoover in Gen Election; disliked Hoover who he thought got more press than he did
Coolidge, Calvin 1932 Rejects a plan to have him replace Hoover as GOP nom; dies next year
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Other presidents have been worse people and have been more corrupt, but in almost all other ways, Coolidge is one of the worst models for a president, aside from his strong efforts at world peace.

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1 hour ago, DakotaHale said:

The disapproval votes are insane. Arguably the only president without a critical mistake. 

Or a critical success. His Great MS Flood non-action is pretty bad. 

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