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Favorable or Unfavorable #184: John Sherman Cooper


Favorable or Unfavorable #184: John Sherman Cooper  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #184: John Sherman Cooper

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John Sherman Cooper of KY is a rare Southern Rockefeller Republican, although unlike them, he was more of a pacifist. He was pro-labor, opposed McCarthyism, and proposed Medicare in the 1950s. These three would be actions but I can't get set dates on these. He also advised on the creation of NATO but I'm not sure if it is big enough to warrant an action. It's said that his work as Amb to India may have kept Communism out of that nation. 

His actions:

Cooper, John Sherman 1948 Delegate in support of Vandenberg at GOP Conv; Considered for VP
Cooper, John Sherman 1953 Broke w/ Eisenhower opposing Submerged Land Act
Cooper, John Sherman 1954 Only GOP in Sen to vote against Bricker Amendment
Cooper, John Sherman 1955 Amb to India for Eisenhower
Cooper, John Sherman 1958 Co-sponsors National Defense Education Act
Cooper, John Sherman 1961 Sent by JFK to USSR for secret fact-finding mission
Cooper, John Sherman 1963 Appt by LBJ to Warren Commission
Cooper, John Sherman 1965 Co-sponsors Appalachian Regional Development Act
Cooper, John Sherman 1965 Breaks w/ party vote to support Medicare, which he had tried to pass in the 1950s
Cooper, John Sherman 1966 Becomes a major critic of Vietnam War escalation, despite supporting war in 1964
Cooper, John Sherman 1968 Co-authors Cooper-Church Amend't to block funding for war in Cambodia
Cooper, John Sherman 1970 Cooper-Church Amdt vs. Cambodia action
Cooper, John Sherman 1972 Proposes bill to block funding in Vietnam War for 4 months
Cooper, John Sherman 1974 Amb to East Germany for Ford
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