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Favorable or Unfavorable #187: George B. Cortelyou


Favorable or Unfavorable #187: George B. Cortelyou  

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George B Cortelyou (NY-R) is a rare figure to get a lot of actions any never ran for elected office, except for a bid for president. He's basically a super-clerk. Cleveland hired him, even though he was a Republican, and was so impressed he recommended him to McKinley as he was leaving office. One could argue that Cortelyou was kind of like the first chief of staff, even though that office didn't exist. He would cut out important news and information from newspapers and leave them on the desk for the president, and he handled the organization and reorganization of the executive department. Roosevelt has him in the same role that McKinley had him in, but then moved him to the brand new Sec of Commerce & Labor. Later he was PM Gen, whose primarily role was filling government office. Until Wilson or FDR, the post office provided the largest number of federal jobs. He helped save the economy when he was moved to Sec of Treasury. 

His actions:

Cortelyou, George B 1897 Personal sec for Pres. McKinley on Grover Cleveland's advice, who hired him as chief clerk
Cortelyou, George B 1901 Helps catch McKinley when the president is shot by an assassin
Cortelyou, George B 1901 Placed in charge or reorganizing White House for new Pres. Roosevelt; stays on as personal secretary
Cortelyou, George B 1903 Confirmed Sec of Commerce and Labor for Roosevelt, the first to hold this office
Cortelyou, George B 1905 Confirmed as PM Gen for Roosevelt
Cortelyou, George B 1907 Along w/ JP Morgan, they used of their money to help intervene in Panic of 1907
Cortelyou, George B 1907 Moved to Sec of Treasury by Roosevelt
Cortelyou, George B 1908 Cand for Rep Pres nom, dropping out before convention
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