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Favorable or Unfavorable #190: Tom Cotton


Favorable or Unfavorable #190: Tom Cotton  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #190: Tom Cotton

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Sen. Tom Cotton (AR-R) served as a military officer prior to running for office. Steve Bannon said that Cotton was the closest on economic nationalism to the Trump admin. 

His actions:

Cotton, Tom 2013 One of the few Sen to oppose Bipartisan Student Loan Act
Cotton, Tom 2015 Calls for housing more prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
Cotton, Tom 2016 One of a few Sen to oppose Defense Authorization Act to limit pres in authorizing torture
Cotton, Tom 2017 Co-sponsor Anti-Israel Boycott Act
Cotton, Tom 2017 strongly supports Trump's "Muslim ban"
Cotton, Tom 2017 co-creator of RAISE Act, a proposed restrictive immigration bill
Cotton, Tom 2018 Opposes the bipartisan criminal justice bill
Cotton, Tom 2018 Opposes Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria
Cotton, Tom 2019 Supports legislation to block Trump from removing sanctions from three Russian companies
Cotton, Tom 2019 Reported to have suggested to Trump and Danish Amb that US should buy Greenland
Cotton, Tom 2020 Argues that Chinese students in the US should be banned from studying science-related fields, and restricted to the humanities
Cotton, Tom 2020 One of the lead advocates of the theory that COVID came from a lab in Wuhan, China as a biological weapon
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I think he should have stayed in the military. He's too dangerous to be a politician. I have a feeling he'll run for president at some point, probably 2028, which I'm not looking forward to. 

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3 minutes ago, Euri said:

Wait what?

Yeah, it was part of his statement where he was arguing that China was sending their best and brightest to the US to learn science and then return to China to use their new knowledge against us.

It's a stupid statement because the issue is the US education system and not China. STEM courses are disproportionately filled by immigrant or their children. K-12 is so terrible at getting students engaged in these subjects in the US. Also, the US is such a comfortable nation that one can survive comfortable off a non-STEM degree. In these other nations, or for immigrants newly arrives in the US, STEM careers are the way to stay out of poverty or near-poverty. An entire family might unite together to pay for one of their bright family members to fly and live in the US to get a US degree in Engineering and then come back to their nation, etc. US Universities make a TON of money on international tuition. Many private universities only survive because they accept so many international students who pay the higher price for being an international student. 



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I probably would’ve been ok with Cotton pre Trump area. But the Muslim Ban, unwillingness to be bipartisan, and frankly, racist attitudes towards Chinese and Asian people, make me an unfavorable.

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