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Faction Personalities as of July 14

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Here's how the factions look presently. Note: I'll probably autodraft along these lines at some point, unless otherwise instructed.:


  • @jvikings1 Legislative and Judicial-heavy, mostly liberal and moderate, preferred interest is Civil Rights, dominated by Massachusetts. 
  • @DakotaHale Administrative and Legislative-heavy, mostly moderate, heavy in business expertise, preferred interest is nationalist, slightly dominated by Pennsylvania.
  • @SilentLiberty Very legislative heavy, mostly moderate and conservative, very balanced in expertise and in state representation.
  • @Cal Extremely military heavy, mostly conservative and moderate, military and agriculture expertise is noticeable, preferred interest is nationalist, balanced state representation
  • @ConservativeElector2 Judicial and legislative heavy, mostly moderate and conservative, heavy in justice expertise, slight dominance by New York and South Carolina
  • @MrPotatoTed (as Red CPU and will be automated via CPU rules). Currently, legislative heavy, mostly moderate, nationalist, balance among states


  • @Rezi Very legislative-heavy, moderate, lots of military expertise, expansionist and LW Activist, lots of New York and Pennsylvanians
  • @themiddlepolitical Legislative-heavy, moderate, military and agriculture dominant, very expansionist, balanced among states
  • @Rodja balanced among abilities, moderate, strong in three expertises, balanced among states
  • @Hestia Unparallelled legislative dominance, also strong in governing, conservative, agriculture and military expertise, RW Activist interest, slight Virginia and Pennsylvania dominance
  • @WVProgressive heavy in legislative and military abilities, moderate, balance among expertise, oddly even between LW Activist and RW Activist!, very Virginia dominated
  • @MrPotatoTed (as Blue CPU and will be automated via CPU Rules). Currently, legislative heavy but also has a lot of governing and military ability, moderate and conservative, heavy in military expertise, expansionist, balanced among states
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