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Favorable or Unfavorable #194: Samuel S. Cox


Favorable or Unfavorable #194: Samuel S. Cox  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #194: Samuel S. Cox

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Samuel S. Cox serves as a US Rep for both OH and NY during his lifetime. The latter state he moved to soon after the Civil War. He was a pro-war Democrat for the sake of keeping the Union together. Some scholars call him a moderate Copperhead that sought peace with the South, but his words and actions oppose secession and support the war, so I'm not sure what they're considering to give him any Copperheadedness. He did oppose the war converting to one with an anti-slavery focus, once it seems certain that the North would eventually win, but he never opposed the war so long as the South was in rebellion. 

His actions:

Cox, Samuel S. 1857 Helps sink Dem support for Lecompton Const by giving speech supporting Douglas's popular sovereignty, angering Buchanan
Cox, Samuel S. 1859 Advocates annexation of Cuba
Cox, Samuel S. 1863 outspoken pro-war Democrat, although opposed to making it a war focused on abolition
Cox, Samuel S. 1863 Opposes 13th Amendment while the proposal is in debate
Cox, Samuel S. 1863 Comes in second in Speaker election, as Dem's preferred choice
Cox, Samuel S. 1864 As an election strategy, accuses GOP of encouraging mixed-race marriages
Cox, Samuel S. 1870 Defeats Horace Greeley for reelection to House; Greeley would be Lib Rep Pres Nom 2 years later
Cox, Samuel S. 1877 Gives speech encouraging Dem to peacefully accept Hayes as Pres, following contested election
Cox, Samuel S. 1885 appt Amb to Ottoman Empire by Cleveland
Cox, Samuel S. 1889 Breaks w/ party to support the creation of new Western states
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