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Favorable or Unfavorable #195: Larry Craig


Favorable or Unfavorable #195: Larry Craig  

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Larry Craig (ID-R) has few actions not connected to his scandals because he was such a party-line voter and actually didn't lead on that many things, despite being considered a GOP leader. He was just a senior-rank guy following the party line and encouraging other party members to do the same.

The 1982 action would not be an action if not for the 2007 scandal, in which Craig pleaded guilty to avoid jail time. While he pleaded guilty, he stated he had never been gay, although it's obvious he committed a gay action in 2007. He was at least bisexual. His 2008 action was him trying to underscore that he isn't gay. Overall, he was certainly confused if not knowingly hypocritical. All of this makes his 1982 denial seem questionable. Despite lengthy service, Craig will be known to history--if he's known at all--for soliciting sex from a male in an airport bathroom. 

His actions:

Craig, Larry 1982 Denies allegations of being part of a scandal involving cocaine and sex with male congressional pages
Craig, Larry 1989 Leads extended effort to punish Rep Barney Frank for gay prostitution scandal
Craig, Larry 2006 Considered for Sec of Interior by Bush
Craig, Larry 2007 Arrested for soliciting sex from a male undercover cop in a restroom (forces him to declines reelection in 2008)
Craig, Larry 2008 Cosponsors Federal Marriage Amendment
Craig, Larry 2016 US Appeals Court upholds judgment that Craig paid gay sex scandal attorney fees with his campaign funds
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