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Favorable or Unfavorable #196: Phil Crane


Favorable or Unfavorable #196: Phil Crane  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #196: Phil Crane

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Phil Crane (IL-R) was a Goldwaterite, serving in the US House for over 30 years but makes little impact. He was more influenctial in extra-congressional conservative movements. His 1973 action is just one organization in which he chaired or had a role. 

For his 1980 actions, he jumped into the GOP race only because he didn't think Reagan would. His other 1980 action signals that he becomes a background figure, overshadowed by both Reagan and Gingrich on the conservative front. Additionally, the conservatives w/ Reagan have now normalized Goldwater/Crane ideology into the GOP. His remaining 20+ years were uneventful. 

His actions:

Crane, Phil 1969 Goldwater campaign advisor who replaces Rumsfeld as US Rep for IL, becoming one of the most conservative members
Crane, Phil 1973 Helps found and becomes 1st chair of the conservative Republican Study Committee
Crane, Phil 1976 Supports Reagan over Ford in 1976
Crane, Phil 1978 maps a national low-tax strategy
Crane, Phil 1980 conservative candidate for GOP pres nom, jumping in before Reagan did, who he later supports
Crane, Phil 1980 Is eclipsed as leading conservative firebrand in the US House by Gingrich
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