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Favorable or Unfavorable #199: John J. Crittenden


Favorable or Unfavorable #199: John J. Crittenden  

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John J. Crittenden of KY was sort of like Henry Clay's #2. He strongly supported him in 20 years worth of presidential runs, but by 1848, he thought Clay couldn't win the presidency, so he went with Taylor. Crittenden was a strong Unionist, but he opposed federally abolishing slavery or using former slaves as soldiers. 

His actions:

Crittenden, John J. 1814 Appt to US Sen by his state but his appt is retracted when it is learned he's only 27 years old
Crittenden, John J. 1824 Back Clay for pres, and then initially Jackson over Adams until he learns Adams will pick Clay for state
Crittenden, John J. 1828 Nominated to SC (JQA's 3rd choice), but Senate refuses to vote on him to save pick for Jackson
Crittenden, John J. 1832 Refuses Clay's offer for Clay's old senate seat
Crittenden, John J. 1834 Takes a lead role in organizing the Whig Party in KY
Crittenden, John J. 1835 Helps lead opposition to 2nd Seminole War
Crittenden, John J. 1839 Prevents a duel to the death between Clay and Winfield Scott
Crittenden, John J. 1841 appointed Attorney General by Harrison; resigns soon under Tyler b/c policy differences
Crittenden, John J. 1844 attacks Texas annexation treaty
Crittenden, John J. 1845 Big role in Oregon Territory dispute strategy
Crittenden, John J. 1848 Declines pressure to run for pres
Crittenden, John J. 1848 deserts ally Clay for Taylor as Whig nominee, believing Taylor had the best shot at victory
Crittenden, John J. 1848 Declines Sec of State offer by Taylor as just elected Gov of KY
Crittenden, John J. 1848 Denounces secession talk encouraged by Calhoun's anti-North speeches
Crittenden, John J. 1850 Confirmed Att Gen for Fillmore
Crittenden, John J. 1850 Assures Fillmore that Fugitive Slave Act is Constitutional
Crittenden, John J. 1852 Eulogizes Clay; Now the top Whig in KY, if not the nation
Crittenden, John J. 1852 Whigs pres candidate; declines VP; ultimately supports Fillmore over Scott
Crittenden, John J. 1856 Joins Know Nothing Party on collapse of Whigs and supports Fillmore's 3rd party run
Crittenden, John J. 1858 Crittenden-Montgomery Resolution regarding KS
Crittenden, John J. 1859 takes lead to form Constitution Union Party
Crittenden, John J. 1860 Const Union candidate for pres, but ultimately helps secure John Bell for pres
Crittenden, John J. 1860 generates Crittenden Compromise
Crittenden, John J. 1861 House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair. Served during first half of CW
Crittenden, John J. 1861 Crittenden-Johnson Resolution sees war of limited goals
Crittenden, John J. 1861 stages peace offensive to stop secession
Crittenden, John J. 1863 Criticizes Emancipation Proclamation
Crittenden, John J. 1863 Criticizes West Virginian statehood b/c done w/o Virginia's consent
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