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Favorable or Unfavorable #201: Shelby Cullom


Favorable or Unfavorable #201: Shelby Cullom  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #201: Shelby Cullom

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Shelby Cullom (IL-R) serves as Gov, Sen, and Rep. He was one of many Whigs that were conflicted on whether to join the Republicans or Know Nothings after the Whigs dissolved, dabbling in both parties for awhile. It wasn't unusual for some to be on both tickets. Typically, these politicians liked the Know Nothings for their anti-slavery, rather than their anti-Catholic, anti-Immigrant stances.

His actions:

Cullom, Shelby 1885 his RR regulation bill passes Senate
Cullom, Shelby 1886 Cullom Committee hearings regarding RR regulations
Cullom, Shelby 1887 Role in Interstate Commerce Act
Cullom, Shelby 1890 Cullon-Struble Bill to force UT to disavow polygamy as criteria for statehood
Cullom, Shelby 1896 candidate for GOP pres nom
Cullom, Shelby 1898 Appt by McKinley as part of commission to create a Terr Gov for HI
Cullom, Shelby 1901 consults McKinley on tariff
Cullom, Shelby 1901 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. Served 10 years
Cullom, Shelby 1911 Senate Republican Conference Chairman
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