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Favorable or Unfavorable #202: Homer Cummings


Favorable or Unfavorable #202: Homer Cummings  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #202: Homer Cummings

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Homer Cummings (CT-D) was basically unknown when he ran for president in 1920. He had been twice mayor of Stamford, CT (starting in 1900), and had failed in a few bids for higher office. By 1924, he was a noted attorney, taking part in a famous murder trial that was turned into a movie in 1947. His primary job was defending the legality of the New Deal, but 1935-1936 saw 8 parts of it declared unconstitutional. However, his success rate was much higher. He was actually initially going to be made Gov-Gen of the Philippines, but FDR's first Att Gen appointment died soon after confirmation. 

His actions:

Cummings, Homer 1920 Dem cand for pres
Cummings, Homer 1924 Tries to find compromise plank on KKK issue at Dem conv; supports McAdoo over Al Smith
Cummings, Homer 1932 Major role in FDR's pres campaign
Cummings, Homer 1933 Confirmed Att Gen for FDR
Cummings, Homer 1937 Chief architect in drafting the Court Packing bill
Cummings, Homer 1939 Resigns as Att Gen, after having a mixed record in framing New Deal legally
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