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Favorable or Unfavorable #205: Mario Cuomo


Favorable or Unfavorable #205: Mario Cuomo  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #205: Mario Cuomo

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Gov. Mario Cuomo of NY is a great what-if. He was twice the polling frontrunner for the Dems in presidential elections. He was also a professional minor league baseball player in his youth, but he retired to go into politics. His governorship was typically considered stellar until the George HW Bush recession that sank Bush's presidency also sank Cuomo's governorship. 

His actions:

Cuomo, Mario 1983 Takes office as Gov of NY, which he'll hold for about 12 years
Cuomo, Mario 1984 Gives "Tale of Two Cities" keynote speech at Dem Conv, raising his profile
Cuomo, Mario 1984 Considered for VP by Mondale
Cuomo, Mario 1988 Considered frontrunner for Dem nom, but declines to run for pres
Cuomo, Mario 1992 Again considered frontrunner for Dem nom, but declines to run for pres
Cuomo, Mario 1992 Withdraws himself from considering for VP on Clinton ticket
Cuomo, Mario 1993 Strongly considered for SC vacancy by Clinton
Cuomo, Mario 1994 Defeated in bid for 4th term as Gov of NY, mostly due to the early 90s recession and high unemployment
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