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Favorable or Unfavorable #208: Caleb Cushing


Favorable or Unfavorable #208: Caleb Cushing  

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Caleb Cushing of MA is basically unknown today, but he's probably one of the most successful diplomats in US history. He's a strange figure because he was a Whig that Whigs disliked because he often defended John Tyler, who was kicked out of the Whig Party. He was a Whig supporter of Polk during the Mexican War, which helped lead to a switch to the Democrats. As a pro-South Democrat, he was at odds with his own state and routinely lost elections. He supported the controversial Dred Scott decision. However, he supported the Union, although he was critical of abolition efforts. He was close to Pres Johnson and Pres Grant used him as a bipartisan effort, even trying to get him on the SC. Were he from DE, MD, or IN, he would have held higher office, I think. 

His actions:

Cushing, Caleb 1843 Confirmation as Sec of Treasury for Tyler is blocked by Congress three times
Cushing, Caleb 1844 Appt Amb to China by Tyler; Negotiates Treaty of Wanghia w/ China
Cushing, Caleb 1847 Brig Gen of volunteers during Mexican War; did not see a battle but helped occupy Mexico City
Cushing, Caleb 1847 Switches from Whig to Democrat to make a run as Gov of MA (loses), stays as a Dem for the rest of his life
Cushing, Caleb 1853 Confirmed Att Gen for Pierce
Cushing, Caleb 1854 Advises Pierce to send Missouri Compromise to Supreme Court
Cushing, Caleb 1857 Supports the Dred Scott Decision
Cushing, Caleb 1860 Presides over Dem Conv until he joins those that broke from it to nominate Breckinridge as Southern Dem
Cushing, Caleb 1861 Supports the Union as Civil War breaks out, but he opposes efforts to abolish slavery
Cushing, Caleb 1868 Diplomat sent by Pres Johnson to secure right-of-way for a ship canal across the isthmus of Panama
Cushing, Caleb 1871 Role in Alabama Claims treaty negotiations
Cushing, Caleb 1874 Nominated as ChJ to SC, but Grant withdraws name as Congress disapproves of a Southern sympathizer and Johnson ally
Cushing, Caleb 1874 Appt Amb to Spain by Grant, diffuses tension over the Virginius Affair
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