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Favorable or Unfavorable #210: Alexander J Dallas


Favorable or Unfavorable #210: Alexander J Dallas  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #210: Alexander J Dallas

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AJ Dallas of PA was the father of future VP George M Dallas. Either him or his son are the namesake for Dallas, TX, according to some. Like many Northern Jeffersonians, he supported some Federalist policies, such as a national bank and a tariff. He is often considered one of the best Sec of Treasuries.

His 1793 actions needs some explaining. These clubs were modeled on the Parisian clubs but they weren't advocating violent revolution; however, Federalists often thought the Jacobin Clubs and Jeffersonian clubs as one and the same. Washington was especially paranoid about them. In 1798, Washington & Hamilton and Federaralists thought society members were allied to the French and would aid the French in an invasion of the US. These clubs made the Alien & Sedition Act seem more necessary to some Americans, although the clubs had never (or rarely) shown proof of any extremism outside of occasional rhetoric. 

His actions:

Dallas, Alexander J 1790 Made the 1st reporter of the US SC in US history, holding the spot for 10 years
Dallas, Alexander J 1793 A founder of the Democratic-Republican societies, modeled somewhat on Jacobin Clubs to rouse Jeffersonian support
Dallas, Alexander J 1814 Confirmed to replace the ineffective Campbell as Sec of Treasury for Madison
Dallas, Alexander J 1815 Acts as Sec of War for most of the year, while also Sec of Treasury
Dallas, Alexander J 1815? Authors Bank bill, reauthorizing national bank
Dallas, Alexander J 1816 Urges tariff reform, leading to the Dallas Tariff (Tariff of 1816)
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