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Favorable or Unfavorable #211: George M. Dallas


Favorable or Unfavorable #211: George M. Dallas  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #211: George M. Dallas

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VP GM Dallas is the namesake of Dallas County, TX, but it is debated whether the city is named after him or not. Dallas was a rare pro-bank, pro-protectionist tariff Democrat, and his base got upset when he broke the Walker Tariff tie because it lowered the tariff. Some say this cost him support at the 1848 Dem Conv, although the party as a whole was supportive of the Walker Tariff. That is, no way Dallas would have been nominated president.  

His actions:

Dallas, George M 1824? He and Buchanan lead rival factions vying for control of PA
Dallas, George M 1832 Guides bank recharter bill in House
Dallas, George M 1837 Appt Amb to Russia by Van Buren
Dallas, George M 1839? Declines Van Buren offer of Att Gen
Dallas, George M 1844 Backs Van Buren for pres; made VP on Polk's ticket, possibly to satisfy Van Buren supporters
Dallas, George M 1845 Fails in attempt to dissuade Polk from picking Buchanan for Sec of State; helps in getting Walker at Treasury
Dallas, George M 1846 Breaks tie on Tariff bill (Walker Tariff)
Dallas, George M 1846 Calls for annexation of the entirety of Oregon Territory, even if it leads to war vs UK
Dallas, George M 1847 Calls for the annexation of the entirety of Mexico
Dallas, George M 1848 Democratic candidate for Pres
Dallas, George M 1856 Appt Amb to UK by Pierce
Dallas, George M 1857 Kept on as Amb to UK by Buchanan, despite having been rivals in the PA for decades
Dallas, George M 1859 Refuses Frederick Douglass a passport to UK, arguing he was not a US citizen b/c wasn't born free
Dallas, George M 1861 Condemns secession
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53 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

I'm going to say while he's definitely earned an unfavorable, a lot of my unfavorable votes are still more unfavorable than he is.

Yeah. For me it was his expansionist views and the incident with Douglass. 

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