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Favorable or Unfavorable #212: John Danforth


Favorable or Unfavorable #212: John Danforth  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #212: John Danforth

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Sen. John Danforth (MO-R) was considered for the VP by both Bush presidents. He was a Reagan ally, but he didn't really stick out until Reagan's final year. He was considered a moderate by 1990s-2000s standards, although considered a conservative by the standards of the 1980s.

His actions:

Danforth, John 1988 Amends Civil Rights Restoration Act
Danforth, John 1988 Considered for VP by Bush
Danforth, John 1990? Considered for SC vacancy by Bush
Danforth, John 1991 Introduces Civil Rights Bill of 1991, similar to Kennedy's from 1990
Danforth, John 1991 Strongly supports and defends Clarence Thomas during confirmation
Danforth, John 1994 Speaks out against the death penalty
Danforth, John 2000 Considered for VP by Bush, on Cheney's recommendation
Danforth, John 2004 Appt Amb to UN by Bush
Danforth, John 2004 Considered for Sec of State after Powell resignation
Danforth, John 2004 Presides over Fmr Pres Reagan's funeral in DC
Danforth, John 2005 Writes essay lamenting moderate Christians losing control of GOP to conservative Christians
Danforth, John 2015 Comes out in favor of legalizing gay marriage
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This guy along with Kit Bond were considered standard bearer conservatives in the 2000s. Just like Reagan, today these guys would be lamented as RINOs by the MAGA wing of the GOP. 

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