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Favorable or Unfavorable #214: Josephus Daniels


Favorable or Unfavorable #214: Josephus Daniels  

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Josephus Daniels (NC-D) is one of many Southern Dems of his time that was progressive most areas, except for race. Daniels was a leading racist and segregationist during his time, and it's a little shocking he wasn't even remotely punished for his 1898 action, especially when he was the only instigator of that coup+massacre mentioned by name by the investigation commission!

Daniel is considered one of the greatest and most active Secs of Navy. My great-grandfather was chief legal advisor for Sec of War Newton D Baker during that time, and much of his focus was on "vice" in the military. I know he went to New Orleans to help clean out Storyville, and now I'm wondering if he was also active in Newport. 

His actions:

Daniels, Josephus 1898 Major NC newspaper editor inspiring successful white supremacist coup and massacre of up to 300 blacks in Wilmington, NC
Daniels, Josephus 1900 Major influence in disenfranchising blacks in NC
Daniels, Josephus 1912 An influencer in gaining support for Wilson for Dem nom
Daniels, Josephus 1913 Confirmed Sec of Navy for Wilson, serving through WWI
Daniels, Josephus 1913 Oversees introduction of aviation to the US Navy
Daniels, Josephus 1914 Bans alcohol on US Naval vessels
Daniels, Josephus 1917 Bans prostitution within reach of Naval installations, leading to the demise of Storyville in New Orleans
Daniels, Josephus 1919 Scandal when navy vice cleanup expands to civilian population in Newport exposing prostitution and homosexuality of private citizens; both Daniels and FDR repremanded by Congress
Daniels, Josephus 1919 Forbids the Navy from working on the "Christian Sabbath" (Sundays)
Daniels, Josephus 1924 Dem pres cand
Daniels, Josephus 1932 Strongly supports FDR, his former assistant when Daniels was Sec of Navy
Daniels, Josephus 1933 Appt Amb to Mexico by FDR, serving for 8 yrs
Daniels, Josephus 1934 Praises anti-Catholic efforts while as Amb to Mexico
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