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Favorable or Unfavorable #215: Tom Daschle


Favorable or Unfavorable #215: Tom Daschle  

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Tom Daschle of SD was the top Dem US Sen for about 10 years. During that time, his state became increasingly Red, which eventually cost him his job.

He was all geared up to lead Obamacare before financial issues forced him to drop out. Compared to most financial scandals it was relatively minor but blocking Daschle--the fmr Sen Maj Ldr--from confirmation would be an obvious big win for the GOP and they now had a reason to block someone for reasons that weren't overtly partisan. Daschle's scandal didn't linger long after he withdrew, although I think any questionable finances while holding political office are worth a reason to be blocked, so I don't entirely fault the GOP here.

He remains arguably the last significant Democrat in SD history. As a legislator, he had few accomplishment. He seemed to let the others take the lead in sponsoring and introducting bills.

His actions:

Daschle, Tom 1980 Receives 10 delegates for VP at Dem Conv by delegates opposed to Mondale
Daschle, Tom 1995 Sen Min Ldr
Daschle, Tom 2001 Target during anthrax attacks
Daschle, Tom 2001 Sen Maj Ldr for 17 days as VP Gore leads 50-50 senate
Daschle, Tom 2001 Sen Min Ldr as VP Cheney leads 50-50 senate
Daschle, Tom 2001 Sen Maj Ldr as Jeffords leaves the GOP giving Dems the majority
Daschle, Tom 2001 Introduces authorization of force against Afghanistan
Daschle, Tom 2002 Helped co-author Iraq War Resolution
Daschle, Tom 2003 Sen Min Ldr
Daschle, Tom 2004 Narrowly defeated in reelection bid, despite being Sen Min Ldr, in big win for GOP
Daschle, Tom 2006 Declines to run for pres in 2008, despite rumors
Daschle, Tom 2007 Helped found Bipartisan Policy Center
Daschle, Tom 2008 Early supporter of Obama, serving as a campaign advisor
Daschle, Tom 2009 Nominated by Obama to be Sec of Health, but withdraws himself when scandal involving finances emerges during confirmation process
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