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Favorable or Unfavorable #220: Jefferson Davis


Favorable or Unfavorable #220: Jefferson Davis  

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Jefferson Davis of MS is both a traitor and racist, who believed blacks were not only inferior but doomed to extinction if slavery was abolished. My guess is he must have either though a race war would wipe them out or that they'd be incapable of feeding themselves. Almost all of his actions are slave-based. Which leads into my next quasi-off-topic statement.

Secession was primarily, in fact--overwhelming-- due to slavery. Only Southern apologists or people who want to be alleviated of the guilt of having slaveholding ancestors think the war was either not over slavery or was just partially due to slavery.

Secession would not have occurred over national banks vs state banks

Secession would not have occurred over federal funding of infrastructure

Secession would not have occurred over the tariff, both sides learned from the 1820 and 1830s tariff fights (Nullificaton Crisis) and those from the 1840 and 1850s had far less intensity. 

Secession would not have occurred over general States Rights as the only prevailing crisis leading to States Rights arguments were those attached to slavery/abolitionists or slave states. 

Secession was over slavery and the evidence is prevailing in rhetoric, speeches, and actions in all major events creating tension towards civil war -- Mexican War annexations, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska, Bleeding Kansas, Caning of Sumner, the several 1860s presidential conventions. Davis even states when the CSA Constitution was ratified that the war was caused by Northern abolitionists desiring to end slavery.

Davis believed slavery was sanctioned by religion, while the abolitionists saw Christianity as sactioning abolitionism. 

I think it's fair to say that anyone that votes Davis favorable has issues if you carefully read through his actions below. To his credit, he showed real initiative and courage in the Mexican War and he did well in modernizing training and equipment in the US Military. Aside from that he was primarily a voice piece for the slaveocracy, one of a handful of mega slavers attempting to fill the void left by Calhoun. 

His actions:

Davis, Jefferson 1844 Supports Calhoun for pres at Dem conv
Davis, Jefferson 1846 US Rep who serves as a colonel in Mexican War without resigning his political office
Davis, Jefferson 1847 Declines Polk's offer for promotion to Brig Gen after having been wounded in battle; resigns to b/c US Sen
Davis, Jefferson 1848 Proposes amendment to Oregon Bill to allow slavery
Davis, Jefferson 1848 offers treaty amdt to take more of Mexico
Davis, Jefferson 1848 Said to have declined to run for pres b/c could face his fmr father-in-law Zachary Taylor in general
Davis, Jefferson 1850 Significant role in Compromise of 1850; opposes it partially b/c won't allow a slave state Western port
Davis, Jefferson 1850 Argues that slaveholder be allowed to bring slaves into any federal territory
Davis, Jefferson 1853 Confirmed Sec of War for Pierce
Davis, Jefferson 1853 Persuades Pierce to send Gadsden for land purchase in SW to allow Southern RR route
Davis, Jefferson 1853 Order new infantry drilling manual; Hardee's Tactics b/c drilling book for both N & S during CW
Davis, Jefferson 1854 Advises Pierce to favor repeal of Missouri Compromise, resulting in Bleeding Kansas
Davis, Jefferson 1857 Buchanan's spokesman in Senate
Davis, Jefferson 1857 runs model slave plantation in MS
Davis, Jefferson 1857 Senate Military Affairs Committee Chair. Served leading up to CW, resigned
Davis, Jefferson 1858 Gives speech advocating secession if an abolitionist becomes president, although he was otherwise moderate on secession
Davis, Jefferson 1859 resolution regarding territorial slave code
Davis, Jefferson 1860 leads South's advice to Buchanan regarding Ft Sumter
Davis, Jefferson 1860 anti-Douglas resolution to enforce Dred Scott
Davis, Jefferson 1860 deliberates on Committee of 13
Davis, Jefferson 1861 chosen president of CSA, a government fighting to defend the right to enslave other people
Davis, Jefferson 1865 Captured, accused of treason, and imprisoned
Davis, Jefferson 1866 US House votes to put him on treason trial, but it never occurs b/c of several complications
Davis, Jefferson 1867 Released from prison on bail, paid partially by Horace Greeley, Gerrit Smith, and Vanderbilt
Davis, Jefferson 1868 Pardoned by Pres. Johnson, and soon all investigation into potential treason stops, although he remained stripped of citizenship
Davis, Jefferson 1870? Becomes Lost Cause symbol after having been scapegoated for losing the war for years
Davis, Jefferson 1873 Gives speech arguing that the South would not have surrendered if it had known blacks would get votes
Davis, Jefferson 1881 Publishes a book defending the CSA government, his record, and wrongly downplaying the role of slavery
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