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Favorable or Unfavorable #221: John Davis


Favorable or Unfavorable #221: John Davis  

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John Davis of MA was known as "Honest John" for his personal integrity. While he supported the Wilmot Proviso banning slavery in the territories, he like his MA rival Daniel Webster were considered weak on slavery because they weren't actively fighting to end slavery nationwide. He was also a fiscal conservative like Webster was. Their differences were mainly in regards to things like land grants and foreign affairs.

The 1833 action involves a Gov election between three parties -- National Republican, Anti-Mason, and Democrat. The anti-mason was JQ Adams. 

His actions:

Davis, John 1833 Defeats Fmr Pres JQ Adams to become Gov of MA
Davis, John 1842 Splits w/ fellow MA Whig Webster on several policies creating rivalry, with tension building since 1838
Davis, John 1844 Considered for Whig VP but Webster uses influence to block him
Davis, John 1846 1 of 2 Sen to vote against the Mexican War
Davis, John 1846 filibusters to favor Wilmot Proviso
Davis, John 1852 Political influence in MA degrades as he supports Winfield Scott over Webster for Whig nom
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