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Favorable or Unfavorable #222: John W. Davis


Favorable or Unfavorable #222: John W. Davis  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #222: John W. Davis

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John W. Davis of WV, the 1924 Dem nominee, was defeated in a landslide by Coolidge in the election called the "High Tide of Conservatism" because both nominees were conservative. This is a major factor in La Follette running 3rd party. Davis was okay with anti-trust laws, but he was typically a States Right conservative, although more moderate in some ways. For instance, while he supported segregation, he opposed the KKK. He also opposed prohibition, which many KKK members supported because Catholics were often identified with alcohol. Davis's opposition to the KKK probably had more to do with their hatred of Catholics, immigrants, and Jewish people than with blacks, considering Davis's stance on race. 

Davis is considered one of the most active SC attorneys in US history, frequenty arguing cases before the court. He was the adopted father of future Sec of State Cyrus Vance. He seems to have moved to NY from WV sometime after 1924. 

While he never left the Democratic Party, he would vote GOP in pres elections for FDR's last three elections in opposition to the New Deal. 

Davis, John W 1904 Rare enthusiastic supporter of AB Parker's nomination, having been lukewarn to WJ Bryan's noms
Davis, John W 1913 Helps in writing what becomes the Clayton Anti-trust Act of 1914
Davis, John W 1918 Appt Amb to UK by Wilson, dealing w/ postwar Europe and supporting League of Nations
Davis, John W 1920 Dem cand for pres
Davis, John W 1921 Helps found Council on Foreign Relations
Davis, John W 1924 Dem pres nominee after 103 ballots
Davis, John W 1932 Supports FDR for Dem nom but soon regrets it
Davis, John W 1933 Gen. Butler alleges Davis as part of Business Plot to overthrow FDR but it is judged as hearsay
Davis, John W 1934 Helps found American Liberty League, which strongly opposes FDR's New Deal
Davis, John W 1936 Supports Landon over FDR
Davis, John W 1940 Supports Wilkie over FDR
Davis, John W 1944 Supports Dewey over FDR
Davis, John W 1952 Unsuccessfully defends segregation as an attorney in Briggs v Elliott, which leads to Brown v. Board
Davis, John W 1952 As attorney helps SC rule against Truman seizure of steel plants in landmark Youngstown sheet case
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