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Favorable or Unfavorable #227: Henry Dearborn


Favorable or Unfavorable #227: Henry Dearborn  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #227: Henry Dearborn

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Henry Dearborn of MA was a Rev War vet who served as Maj Gen of the MA militia just before beign made Sec of War. He was sort of the token Jeffersonian Massachusetts politician used to gain support from New England. His appointment as commander was partially for his administrative ability, but was mostly due to him being from Massachusetts, a state that opposed the War of 1812 enough to consider secession, so Dearborn's appointment seemed vital. Dearborn was considered old and fat by then. 

His actions:

Dearborn, Henry 1801 Confirmed Sec of War for Jefferson
Dearborn, Henry 1802 Helps establish West Point Mil Acad
Dearborn, Henry 1805 Refuses Wilkinson's request for troops to prepare against Spain, catching on that Wilkinson and Burr are up to something
Dearborn, Henry 1812 Appt Commanding General of the US Army by Madison for war against UK to encourage support from New England
Dearborn, Henry 1813 Proves ineffective as field commander and is assigned to a non-combative command in NY; keeps Commanding General post to keep New England happy
Dearborn, Henry 1815 Resigns from military and appt Sec of War by Madison, but the Congress blocks him b/c of poor war record
Dearborn, Henry 1822 Appt Amb to Portugal by Monroe
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