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Favorable or Unfavorable #229: Columbus Delano


Favorable or Unfavorable #229: Columbus Delano  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #229: Columbus Delano

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Columbus Delano of OH was one of the Radical Republicans during the Civil War and after it. Not captured below is his rhetoric against the KKK and his rhetoric claiming that Johnson wanted to remove Grant from the military to help weaken Reconstruction. This is because it is part of the 1867 speech, but his argument that Congress leads Reconstruction was more important than the other arguments in this speech. 

His actions:

Delano, Columbus 1846 Gives speech denouncing Mexican War, while as US Rep for OH
Delano, Columbus 1860 Seconds Lincoln's nominatoin at GOP Convention
Delano, Columbus 1867 Speech arguing Congress, not president, as having power over Reconstruction governments
Delano, Columbus 1870 Confirmed Sec of Interior for Grant
Delano, Columbus 1871 Supervises expedition into Yellowstone and will advocate laws to protect it
Delano, Columbus 1872 Defies Grant's anti-corruption executive order w/o punishment from Grant
Delano, Columbus 1873 Advocares Indian reservations to prevent tribes from killing each other, killing settlers, and to move towards "civilizing" them
Delano, Columbus 1875 Compelled to resign when it becomes known that he allowed corruption to run rampant
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